President & CEO

A native New Yorker, Nick Lugo is a graduate of the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico in San German where he majored in Business Administration with a minor in Political Science. He entered the travel and publishing businesses at a young age as an apprentice to his father, the founder of Cophresi Travel Agencies and Temas Magazine, where Nick served as Associate Publisher.

In 2008, Nick Lugo started the New York City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to connect the network of Hispanic Businesses and local Chambers, under one City-wide organization for a much broader resources at its disposal.  In establishing the New York City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, he has stated that his goal is to unify the Hispanic business community and “to represent and advocate for Hispanic businesses in New York City in a cohesive and collective manner, to assist new entrepreneurs, to vitalize existing businesses and work toward assuring the growth and success of Hispanic businesses and the communities they serve.” Nick is active in many community causes and events including the organization and marketing; he is the co-founder of the 116th Street Festival, the single largest Hispanic festival in the country.